Unique & Stylish WhatsApp DP Images with Quotes for Every Mood

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The use of text messages is virtually nonexistent these days and most of us communicate through social platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. Like all other social apps, WhatsApp DP images have become extremely crucial, which says a lot about us even before we begin to chat. Whether it’s an individual or a company, we provide a stylish & and unique WhatsApp dp images collection.

Personally, I love to update my smart DP for WhatsApp and status with unique images that reflect my mood, emotions, and personality. Also, it’s not just about the images that matter, but the captions and quotes that go with it make all the difference.

So, in this article, I have compiled for you a vast array of over 160 unique and stylish WhatsApp DP images that are sure to draw a lot of eyeballs. Whether you are looking for attitude WhatsApp DP or romantic ones, or even sad DPs, you’ll get it all here. Be it happiness or sorrow, love or heartbreak, or even at times when you need a dose of motivation – I’ve got a whole collection of best WhatsApp DP images for every occasion.

Browse my collection and download the ones you like. Remember that WhatsApp DP images are not just pictures; they’re about expressing your feelings or mental state to the world in a subtle way without saying a word. So guys, have fun checking out these awesome DPs and sharing your favorite ones with your friends and colleagues.

Best WhatsApp DP Images

In this section, I have for you a collection of 25 unique WhatsApp DP images, which are stylish and unique and can be perfect for any mood or moment. These images are one-of-a-kind and come with cool captions and inner meanings that can make people think, admire, or even enjoy a tinge of sarcasm and humor.

So, guys feel free to download these images and use them for your DP or WhatsApp status. Whether you are in a joyful mood or somber mood, or you intend to share some humor, use these images to give your profile a fresh, new look. I am confident, your friends are going to love these!

Whatsapp Dp With Captions | Roopvibes
Whatsapp Dp With Attitude Caption | Roopvibes

Love WhatsApp Dp Images

Here I have for you a collection of 30 love WhatsApp DP images that are designed specifically for all lovers and couples out there. Each image is crafted to bring out love in all its forms, whether it’s a straight forward “I love you” message or short romantic quotes, or sweet miss you captions. So, browse through the collection of unique, creative, and romantic images and download the ones that will help you express your feelings for your loved one.

Use these images as your profile picture or in your WhatsApp status and let the world know about your love and I’m pretty sure that your partner or crush will be thrilled to see these. Because more often than not, pictures can say things that words cannot.

Cute Whatsapp Dp On Love | Roopvibes
Cute Whatsapp Love Dp For Couples | Roopvibes

Cute WhatsApp DP Images

Many of us love to use cute images as our stylish WhatsApp DP. If you looking for such images then this section is for you. Here you can download sweet and smart DP for WhatsApp images that I am sure you are going to love. We are all fond of cute babies and all the funny expressions they make or even some cute animals, or some funny cartoons that remind us of our childhood days. Enjoy these cute images, download as many of these images you like and use them as your WhatsApp DP or in your status. If you love these images, please don’t forget to share them with your contacts. I am sure they will love them too.

Illustration Of A Cute Baby On A Craddle
Cute Milk White Kitten

Images for WhatsApp Dp with Quotes

Guys, in this section I have put together for you a collection of 25 WhatsApp DP images with quotes, which include self-quotes, attitude quotes, and short smart motivational quotes on life. You can use these quotes to convey a thought or even boost your own self-confidence. I personally use a lot of quotes on my DP, which not only look cool but also help to boost my morale.
So, take time to go through these images and feel free to download and use them as your WhatsApp DP or in your status. The images can not only pep up your own confidence but can also spread some positivity among your friends and fellow colleagues.

Illustration Of Short Motivational Caption
Illustration Of A Human Heart Depicting Self Love

Profile Pictures for WhatsApp

In this section I have compiled for you a special collection of images which you may use as your WhatsApp DP or status to showcase your personal bonding’s, love and affection. We all have our personal preferences. Some of us may feel extremely close to our mothers, while for others your dad could be the world for you. Here you will find images to express that love and affection for your parents. And it’s not only about parents, you will also find images to express your love for your dog, or even show your deep-rooted love for your country. So, download and use these images to let your contacts know what’s closest to your heart.

Illustration Of Family Bonding With Short Caption
Illustration Of Human Heart For Dog Lovers With A Short Caption

WhatsApp DP Images of God

We Indian get very touchy and emotional when it comes to our religious beliefs and sentiments. In accordance to that belief, many of us prefer to set images of God as our mobile wallpaper, or send good morning wishes with God images or even use pictures of popular Hindu Gods as our WhatsApp DP. By doing so, we believe that the Almighty’s blessing is always with us and “HE” is there to protect us from any harm or obstacles that comes our way.

So, if you want to download images of popular Indian Gods like Lord Shiva, Sri Krishna, Lord Rama, Sri Ganesh, and Indian Goddess like Kali or Devi Durga, check out the images below. Use the download button to download these images and use them as your profile picture or in your status.

Lord Rama In The Posture Of Throwing His Arrow With A Caption
Lord Shiva In The Padma Asan Heading Blessing To His Devotional Devotees

Sad WhatsApp DP Images

We all come across certain moments in life when things don’t go our way. A relationship breakup, or a sudden demise of a near and dear one, or a tough time at work can all lead to a state of mental anxiety and grief. In moments like these it gets extremely difficult to communicate our mental state to people around us. So we choose to update our social profiles and status with images and quotes which help us to communicate in a subtle way that all is not well.

In this section I have for you a collection of 25 sad WhatsApp DP images that you can use as your profile pic or in your status to help communicate to the world the kind of mental state you are in and might need some space and time to recover.

Painted Faces On The Human Finger Depicting Emotions Of Grief With A Sad Quote
Girl Covering Her Face And Hiding Her Tears Being Depressed With An Emotional Quote

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I change my WhatsApp DP photo?

    Changing your WhatsApp DP is quite simple. After you open your WhatsApp application you will see three dots on the top right corner of the window. Click on those three dots and then choose settings. Under settings you will see your current profile picture on top. Tap on your profile picture and click on the green camera icon that appears on the picture. Now you get the option to choose any image from your gallery.

  2. Can I use any image as my WhatsApp DP?

    Yes, as a WhatsApp user you have the right to use any image as your profile picture as long as it adheres to the guidelines set by WhatsApp. The guideline mainly restricts users from promoting inappropriate or illegal content. You can read the guidelines here.

  3. Can other people download or share my WhatsApp DP ?

    Well there are no in-built features to download or share your WhatsApp DP images. However anyone who can view your DP can tap to open your full profile picture, take a screenshot and share it with others. So it’s always advisable to use an image that you are comfortable with.

  4. How safe is it to use WhatsApp DP images?

    WhatsApp takes privacy seriously. You can set the visibility of your DP as per your choice. There are three options to choose from. You may either make your DP visible to everyone or you may choose to show your DP to your contacts only. You can even completely restrict the visibility of your DP when no one can view your DP. However, you need to also keep in mind that anyone who can view your DP can take screenshots and share it.
    To set visibility restrictions for your DP: Go to Settings —> Privacy —> Profile Photo —-> Set your preference.

  5. Can I control who gets to see my WhatsApp DP?

    Yes. You can set the visibility option for your WhatsApp DP image as per your choice. WhatsApp gives you three options to choose from. 1. Restrict visibility completely when no one can view your DP. 2. Make your DP visible to your contacts only. Here the DP will be visible to all the numbers which are saved in your contact. 3. Make the DP visible for all.
    However there is no option to restrict visibility for selective numbers from your contact list without removing them from your contacts.
    To set visibility restrictions for your DP:
    Go to Settings —> Privacy —> Profile Photo —-> Set your preference.

  6. How to make custom WhatsApp DP images?

    Making a custom DP for your WhatsApp profile is quite easy. You can choose any image of your liking and crop it to 1:1 ratio. Keep the dimensions at 500×500 pixel for optimum quality. Then import the image to apps like Canva, Snapseed, VSCO, Picsart or Photoshop and do necessary adjustments. Add text, emojis or others elements to your image and finally save the image in jpeg or png format. Now open WhatsApp and go to Settings. Under settings select your profile picture and click on the camera icon to upload the new image.

Guys, we have finally arrived to the conclusion part of this article. Hope this collection of 160+ WhatsApp DP images is exhaustive enough to express your mood, personality and state of mind. I have tried my best to make these images as unique and stylish as possible. Download as many images as you like and share this this article with your friends and colleagues. I believe that any image you use from my collection as your profile picture or for your WhatsApp status will not only help to elevate your profile but will also be appreciated by your contacts.

If you found this collection useful drop me a line or two in the comment section below. Also, if you want some specific DP types to be uploaded feel free to give your suggestions. I will do my best to honor your request. For all my Instagram users make sure to read my article on 450+ Instagram Bio ideas. There are plenty of creative Bio ideas to choose from. Also If you’re looking for some catchy attitude captions for Instagram, I have a post dedicated for that as well.  

Always remember guys, that your social media profiles are a reflection of what you are. So, try and keep your profile updated with fresh content, be expressive, and make your profile picture as unique as possible. Bye for now. Keep in touch for more interesting articles in future.

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