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Unleash Your Genius: 10 Matchstick Puzzles To Put Your IQ To The Ultimate Test

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Solving difficult puzzles that challenge your intellect brings you immense satisfaction and confidence, boosting your sense of achievement. This is the world of matchstick puzzles—a simple yet profound way to test your IQ and logical reasoning skills. An Indian cognitive scientist once said, “In the heart of a genius lies a relentless curiosity, an unquenchable thirst for the unknown.” True to these words, puzzles ignite our curiosity and reward us with immense satisfaction when we crack their mystery.

Among the wide array of puzzles that test our brains, matchstick puzzles stand out for their simplicity and the deep cognitive challenge they present. These puzzles, which have delighted individuals since the 19th century, use the humble matchstick, an item found in virtually every household. Matchstick puzzles have grown in popularity due to their ease of use and the infinite creativity options that can be applied in crafting simple to advanced puzzles, making matchstick puzzles a favorite among both the young and the old.

In this article, you’ll find a list of 10 fascinating matchstick puzzles that will stretch your decision-making abilities, logical reasoning skills and visual perception to their limits and put your IQ to the test. From puzzles that test basic logical skills to advanced matchstick puzzles that demand a higher level of focus and clarity of thought, this collection is designed to challenge your intellect in the best possible way. So, if you’re ready to test your IQ against these brain teasers, solve them within the given timeframe, and you might just earn the right to call yourself a genius.

10 Brain Teaser Matchstick Puzzles With Solutions

Below, you will find 10 engaging matchstick puzzles, each with detailed instructions provided at the top. These puzzles are more complex than the standard matchstick equation puzzles, where moving just one stick solves the problem. These advanced matchstick puzzles demand logical thinking and a clear visualization of the intended outcome.

You will be allowed to move a set number of matchsticks to achieve the desired results. Additionally, each puzzle comes with a specified time limit to make things more challenging. Below each puzzle, there’s a button; clicking it will reveal the solution. To aid in understanding the solution, each matchstick required to be moved is numbered and colored differently, making it easier to follow.

Puzzle 1: Make 2 Squares by moving 2 matchsticks

Move any two matchsticks from the mesh to form two perfect squares. The answer to the puzzle is provided below, but I would suggest trying it yourself first without peeking

Time: 40secs.

Matchstick Puzzle 1 | Roopvibes

Answer: The matchsticks that need to be moved are indicated by numbers in different colors.

Matchstick Puzzle 1 Answer | Roopvibes

Puzzle 2: Move 3 matchsticks to form 3 triangles

Rearrange 3 matchsticks from this cube to create 3 identical triangles. While the solution is given below, I recommend attempting it on your own first before looking.

Time: 40secs.

Matchstick Puzzle 2 1 | Roopvibes

Answer: In the image, the matchsticks to move are clearly marked with numbers 1, 2, and 3, each in a different color, to guide you toward forming three congruent triangles. Shift these indicated matchsticks to their new positions as outlined by the dotted lines to solve the puzzle and create the equal triangles.

Matchstick Puzzle 2 Answer | Roopvibes

Puzzle 3: Form 3 triangles by moving 2 matchsticks

Create three equal triangles by adjusting just two matchsticks from the figure shown. The answer to the puzzle is provided below, but I would suggest trying it yourself first without peeking

Time: 40secs.

Matchstick Puzzle 3 1 | Roopvibes

Answer: Move the matchsticks indicated by the numbers 1 and 2, following the direction of the dotted lines, to complete the puzzle and create the triangles as demonstrated.

Matchstick Puzzle 3 Answer | Roopvibes

Puzzle 4: Move 4 sticks to bring the coins inside the glasses

Shift four matchsticks to get the coins to sit inside the outlines of the glasses. Give it a go and see if you can figure it out before looking at the solution provided below.

Time: 40secs.

Matchstick Puzzle 4 1 | Roopvibes

Answer: The solution is shown by repositioning four matchsticks, marked with numbers 1 to 4, each in different colors. Move these matchsticks to form two separate glass outlines with the coins inside. Matchstick 1 (green) is placed to the bottom left of the left coin, creating the base of the first glass. Matchstick 2 (pink) is moved to the top right, closing the top of the first glass. For the second glass, move matchstick 3 (blue) to the left side of the right coin and matchstick 4 (purple) to the bottom right, completing the glass and enclosing the coin.

Matchstick Puzzle 4 Answer | Roopvibes

Puzzle 5: Form 3 equal triangles by moving 2 matchsticks

Adjust two matchsticks to create three identical triangles. Try solving it on your own before scrolling down for the solution

Time: 40secs.

Matchstick Puzzle 5 1 | Roopvibes

Answer: The solution involves moving the two matchsticks labeled 1 and 2. Take the matchstick at position 1 (marked with a pink circle) and move it to the center of the bottom square to create the base of the new triangle. Then, move the matchstick at position 2 (marked with a blue circle) to the left side of the newly formed base to complete the third triangle. The result will be three equal triangles intersecting at the center.

Matchstick Puzzle 5 Answer | Roopvibes

Puzzle 6: Make 2 arrows by moving 4 matchsticks

Shift four matchsticks to form two arrows from a single arrow. It’s a fun challenge, so try to solve it before glancing at the answer below!

Time: 40secs.

Matchstick Puzzle 6 1 | Roopvibes

Answer: Use matchsticks 1 and 2 to form the tails of the two arrows as shown in the diagram. Now work on creating the heads of the arrows. Move matchstick 3 to complete the right side of the top arrow. Finally use matchstick 4 to complete the left side of the bottom arrow. Now you have two arrows pointing right. See diagram for better understanding.

Matchstick Puzzle 6 Answer | Roopvibes

Puzzle 7: Make 3 perfect squares by moving 3 sticks

Rearrange 3 sticks to form 3 perfect squares. Test your skills by attempting the puzzle before you look at the answer below.

Time: 40secs.

Matchstick Puzzle 7 1 | Roopvibes

Answer: Move matchstick number 1 (marked in pink) to complete the right square. Move matchstick number 2 (marked in green) to form the left square. Now use matchstick number 3 (marked in blue) to complete the bottom square. So you get three squares of identical sizes. Take a look at the image to see how it should look.

Matchstick Puzzle 7 Answer | Roopvibes

Puzzle 8: Move 3 matchsticks to turn the fish around

Here you see a fish facing left. Can you flip it to face right by moving just 3 matchsticks? Give it a try before looking at the solution below to challenge yourself!

Time: 40secs.

Matchstick Puzzle 8 1 | Roopvibes

Answer: To point the fish in the opposite direction, move the matchstick labeled 1 to the top right corner to form the fish’s tail. Then, take matchstick number 2 and place it on the lower left side to shape the bottom part of the fish. Lastly, reposition matchstick number 3 to the top left side to complete the fish’s head. Now, the fish should be facing right.

Matchstick Puzzle 8 Answer | Roopvibes

Puzzle 9: Move 2 sticks to Change the direction of the chair

Shift just 2 matchsticks to make the chair face a different direction. See if you can figure it out on your own before jumping to the solution below!

Time: 40secs.

Matchstick Puzzle 9 1 | Roopvibes

Answer: To change the chair’s direction, move the matchstick labeled 1 (marked in pink) to the top left, forming the new back of the chair. Then, move matchstick number 2 (marked in green) to the right, to become the chair’s new seat. The chair should now appear to face the opposite way.

Matchstick Puzzle 9 Answer | Roopvibes

Puzzle 10: Make 3 equal squares by moving 3 sticks

Here you see a large square containing four smaller squares. Can you rearrange just 3 matchsticks to create only 3 equal-sized squares? Before peeking at the solution below, try solving it on your own!

Time: 40secs.

Matchstick Puzzle 10 1 | Roopvibes

Answer: To form three equal squares, move matchstick 1 (marked in pink) to the bottom right corner of the large square to create the first small square. Then, take matchstick 2 (marked in blue) and place it parallel to the nearby stick on the left side, forming the second small square. Lastly, position matchstick 3 (marked in green) diagonally inside the bottom left corner to complete the third square. Now you have three equal squares.

Matchstick Puzzle 10 Answer | Roopvibes

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